Made In Germany




Since 1982, the year of our foundation, ORTLIEB has meant made in Germany. Our production at the Heilsbronn location is a real game-changer when it comes to our ability to control processes and production. In this way we can optimise, reduce and decisively influence our emissions. And then pass this pleasant feeling on to our customers.

Electricity is the most important source of energy for us in production yet at the same time responsible for large quantities of emissions. Our own photovoltaic plant is already supplying two thirds of our electricity demand today. However, we want to share the information on the emissions generated when we produce a bike pannier or backpack honestly and transparently. In what is known as the product carbon footprint, we communicate all emissions that arise from acquiring the raw materials through to the manufacture of the products and make the CO2e footprint of every single product visible.

True story: Optimal use of material with as few offcuts as possible and particularly little waste as a result is a natural, firmly established specification in our design and development guidelines.




Authentically sustainable for us also means facing up to our weaknesses in an open and honest way and being able to speak about them. Whether it be the disposal of PVC, stitched panels from Asia or even the isolated use of plastic packaging. These are all issues that we can and want to improve, some things may only appear sustainable for our environment at first glance while others are not yet technically feasible. What’s more, any particular measure has to make economic sense without resulting in a price that is out of all proportion for our target group. There is a lot to improve, to set in motion and to optimize, if you have any questions or comments, please get in touch with us.